About Us

Its a bit of a funny story how I put Lion Bear together, So my background of people I associate with is skaters, BMX riders, basketball players, gym freaks , boxers, Thai boxers, Dj's and Hip hop artists, I'm a sports person but don't matter what you do in life, we all sometimes need that motivation to keep us going and not give up... So I want to get a tattoo at some point of a lion on my chest so every time I look at it it will remind me who I am and what I aim for in life, give me that extra push not to give up! As I wouldn't be able to see the lion on my chest that would motivate me and remind me of the strength and courage to keep on going I decided to make it in to a logo and put it on a hoodie but I wanted it to stand out so decided I want half a lions face and half of... there was a problem was not sure witch animal to pick that would have as powerful meaning as a Lion i was stuck...One winter week (2017) four times in one week I kept waking up in middle of night and going downstairs eating cookies with honey and one Saturday morning I went to my dad '' Dad, I'm like a bear I wake up and eat honey'' and that's when it finally came to me and I completed Lion Bear. The reason I have picked those two powerful animals is really simple Lion is a King of all the beasts to me represents courage, calmness but at the same time has raw power! Bear in my eyes is fearless and have enormous strength.Winter 2017-2018 I have created my first Hoodie with Lion Bear Logo I never had any intention in recreating it just something I wanted to wear out to skate park or to the gym and stand out as majority of people wearing big brands. People started noticing the unique design I had and asking me where did I got it from, so I told them its my creation. Friends and people I associated with started asking me to make more because they would be interested in wearing my logo too. Just like them I hope you will like my creation and will wear it proudly, it will motivate you and remind you that we all have a courage and strength of a LION AND a BEAR!